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    • so does this kit have true white or will it just be RGB

      Hello, this kit don't have true white, just be RGB. The 8 pack ones have true white and here is the order link: https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/rgbw-rock-lights/products/8-pack-rgb-led-rock-lights-underglow-lights

    • do they sync with whips you see to?

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. This rock light kits can sync with the whips, all of them controlled by app: Magic Light. Plesae check this link for RGB whips: https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/led-whip-light/products/5ft-4ft-3ft-2ft-rgb-led-safety-light-rgbw-led-whip

    • Do y'all have any plans on making a 16 or 20 piece rock light kit with RGB and White?

      Hello, this newest 20 pack RGB has True RED/GREEN/BLUE/WHITE color.

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