Strobe / Flashing Wire harness with wireless remote control
$41.01 $49.00

Strobe Flashing Wire harness with wireless remote control work for any universal led light bars.

the strobe box and the wireless remote are not waterproof,the wire harness is waterproof.

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  • How does it wire up power ground and. ??..

    We are not clear what do you meant. You just need to wire up the wire harness with the light bar on your truck. Then it can work.

  • Will I still be able to use my switches to turn it on regular and then if I want them to flash I can hit the button?

    Hi,thanks foy your inquiry, There is a switch on our strobe/flashing wire harness that you can use it to control your light bar.

  • will this work for pods?

    yes, it does

  • How does it wire in exactly? I have a light bar now and I just need it to strobe, does it plug in or does it need to be spliced in?

    Thanks for your question.The wire harness is spliced in.

  • How many bars/cubes can be controlled with it?

    Thanks for your question! It can connect bars/cubes as many as you want,as long as there are no more than 288 vatts in total

  • This is just a strobe box and not a color changing box correct?

    Thank you for your question.   Yes, you are right.

  • will it work with the color changing/moving halos

    Thanks for your question, this wire harness can work with the light bar leds, but not the halos.

  • Would this control brightness too?

    yes, it also control turn off / turn on , control brightness.