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    • Are the led whips legal for the street with them on with one color and do they connect to a CB radio?

      yes, you can stay any one single color .  they can be connected to anywhere there is power

    • Do you have a telephone ordering system? And do you offer any kind of military discount?

      thans for your inquiry , you can use coupon code: military, will get 10% off.

    • Are they permanent or has it got quick release when not in use ?

      Thanks for your question.They will get the quick release when you turn on the switch in use.If put off the switch,they will stop to work.

    • The rgb chase whips that you sell is the 189.99 price tag is that for one because under the length it says a pair

      yes, we sell them a pair (2pc), dont sell them individual

    • Can u hook them up to a cb radio/uhf

      Hello, sorry for your inconvenience, this kind of whip lights cannot work as aerials so that they can't be hooked up to a cb radio.

    • Can I use these on a motorcycle

      Yeah,  it'e pretty cool use on the motorcycle.

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