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    • Will these burn out connected to my diesel pick up? It has 2 12v batteries

      no, it doesn't burn out , our lights support 12V,

    • Any way to get the dual row with one row amber/white and row two red/white with a switch to activate one or the other or both together?

      Hi, thank you for your inquiry. Sorry about that, we can't do this.

    • Is there a way to bolt these on as I live in the Midwest with heavy snow and the unit goes off road on the regular

      Hi, thank you for your inquiry. You can also install with the mount bracket and screw, they are included in the order.

    • How many pattern does this light have? The video about shows multiple but the response below says only one pattern. Is there a money back guarantee?

      Hi, thank you for your inquiry. It has different patterns as you can see in the video. Only one pattern means only one color pattern. If you choose "Alternate white-amber", the block will always be "white-amber-white-amber-white-amber-white-amber".

    • What’s the difference between these and the other ones you’re selling for $178? Also, do these lights have a memory feature? If select alternating flash and turn them off will they alternately flash the next time I turn them on?

      Hello, the STRONG MAGNETIC Running Board Light is single row and the SUPER BRIGHT Running Board Light is dual row and it will be brighter than STRONG MAGNETIC Running Board Light. They all have only one pattern. For example, if you choose ALTERNATING WHITE-AMBER then it will always be ALTERNATING WHITE-AMBER.


    • Can we purchase the running board lights in half blue and half red?

      Yes, the running board light can be half blue and half red. Please leave a note when placing an order. We will arrange the production for you.

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