RGB Halo Curved Light Bar

Vivid Light Bars Bluetooth remote RGB halo light bar is so amazing that the regular white light work with the switch on the wire harness, however the halo ring works with bluetooth remote controller, the APP called Magic Light. The halo of this light has a color wheel that can change tons of solid colors, it can turn to more than 20 strobe patterns, also can  control by music, it can sync with Vivid Light Bars other bluetooth RGB halo lights,like RGB halo pods,RGB halo headlight kits,RGB led strip lights and so on.

The rgb halo rings of this light bar have been installed around inside the Cree led light bar, so the regular light and the halo ring can work separately. If you just want to light up the Cree led lights, then you can turn off the Bluetooth or the APP,and if you just want to light up the rgb halo rings, then you can turn off the switch on the single wire harness.when you want to light up both the light bar and the halo ring,then you can keep both the switch and the APP on. It is really easy to connect and control!

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