Curved LED Light Bar - Dual Row

Double the lighting power with dual-row curved LED light bars



When a single-row bar can’t do it alone, why would you stack another one on top of it? It’s so counterproductive given that you can install one LED accessory for all your off-road lighting needs. At Vivid Light Bars, we’ve recently added a range of dual-row curved light bars to double the illumination power and widen a beam angle for better visibility.

Light your way, no matter what trail you hit! We’ve designed our curved light bars for trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, and other off-road-ready vehicles. They come in various sizes, from 22" to 54", and are roof-mounted to ensure the fitted appearance. The hardware is included.

Curved light bar configuration options

It all starts with a lens. Our curved LED bars are available with standard Cree lenses for collimated illumination in off-road conditions. Or you can opt for advanced 4D designs. These add a high-intensity fish-eye beam pattern to ensure panoramic coverage, allowing for safer off-roading at night.

More configuration options are available for the beams of our dual-row LED curved light bars. We’ve got them as:

  • spotlights that are great at illuminating narrow areas ahead of your vehicle

  • floodlights that cover wider areas with less focused illumination

  • combo lights that toggle between spot and flood beams

The design that will tough it out

Our dual-row curved LED light bars can be used for extreme off-roading. Whether you have a craze for dune bashing or driving through muddy areas, your lighting will stay with you until you make it to the finish line.

Rated at IP68, our bars can beat sand, mud, and dirt – all while illuminating your trail even when it rains. Their designs are waterproof, and their aluminum casings can easily survive any bumps and turns.

High-power LED lights with guaranteed performance

We’ve packed up to 312W/520W of LED power into our LED curved light bars for improved on-road and off-road visibility. Zooming out, they can illuminate long distances at wide angles, so you’re fully aware of the dangers to avoid.

At Vivid Light Bars, we cover every dual-row bar – no matter its LED output – with a two-year warranty. If your one fails to meet your off-roading needs, we’ll replace it without additional charges. This warranty applies to all curved bar types, sizes, and beam configurations.

Buy a curved light bar for your vehicle and enjoy wide-beam visibility from a driver’s seat!
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