custom wire diagram

About Custom Wire (add customized wires for customer's existing switch control system )
Many customers just want use our lights without our control sysytem (wireless remote control), connect them to their existed switch control panel, so we provide some lights with customized wires, so than they still use their own control system , it is very easy to come true, just connect these customized wires to customers' switch control system, will get all our lights, flash , solid color patterns.

Our custom size version lights comes with in total 5 wires, including 2 thick red and black wires that go to vehicle battery positive and negative, and 3 thin signal wire that go to customers' own switch control panel.

these two thick wires provide power for lights, the other 3 thin signal wires are used for changing patterns like solid and flash patterns.


3 pins wires for customer's existing Toggle Switches (for example white amber)
1) The first signal wire triggers the fixed white color

2) The second signal wire triggers amber strobe modes

3) The third signal wire triggers all alternating mix color solid and strobe patterns


Here are 4 diagrams about the info of the wires and how to connect them: 

1 Running Board Light:


2 LED cubes:


Dual Color Led Light Bar:




4 Single Row Led Light Bar: