Straight LED Light Bar - Slide Bracket - Dual Row

Cree Straight Led Light Bar which made from Vivid Light Bars, is fashionable and popular with around the world. It is super bright, including 54W led power, the spot beam led light bar can light up a straight and long range for distant road; the flood beam can light up a wide but short region;  and the combo beam will bring you a surprising bright. The led light bar is come with a high quality and high intensity body that can protect the light bar from strike, its waterproof rate is IP68, color temperture is 6000K, when you are driving, the led light bar will light up the darkness, it will provide you a super bright view so that you can drive safely at night.

What's more, you can shoose the sizes of 6.5'' 9'' 11.8'' 14.5'' 19.9'' 22.6'' 28'' 30.7'' 36''

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