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How to choose a suitable led off road light bar

How to choose a suitable led off road lights bar? We always hear customers ask, "What is the difference between spot beam and flood beam? Which one is more suitalbe for the light bar I get? Which led chip is the best?" Well, in the last blog "The detailed description of led lightbar" I have mentioned that the difference between them and showed them by the pictures attached. Here I'll explain these in detail and give some suggestions that we hope will help you to make a better decision.


Spot beam pattern


The spot beam is commonly referred to as pencil beam, which has a narrow 8º beam pattern. So the light is more concentrated. Because the effective radiation range is small and the effective radiation distance is longer, it is widely used for task specific lighting. When you are driving off road vehicle on the night time road or sailing at night, you want to the lights focused and intense in a further and specific area. The spot beam is more suitable. led off road light bar 


Flood beam pattern


A flood beam has a wide beam spread of 90º. It is great for greater range lighting. With the increase of distance, the light is more and more spread out. So the light will not be too intense in long distance lighting. For example, when you want to more light up a close area, such as your garage, lawn, or open country, the flood pattern is a good choice.


Combo beam pattern


As the name suggests, the combo comes with spot beam and flood beam within one light. If you like the lightbar with the diversity, this is the right choice. It is not only with a high brightness in the short and greater range, but alse with the intense focusing effect in the long distance. So the most customers like and buy the combo beam led offroad lights bars.


Say so many, I think you should understand them more or less. In most cases, customers will use a flood pattern on the roof for a wider range lighting while using a spot or combo on the bumper for the visibility of greater distance. Since the price is the same for the different patterns, so choose what kind led off road lights bar depends on your own specific situation.

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