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How long the shipping?

Is it free shipping to our country?

How long shipping takes?, How to check my order status?


What kind of payment do you accept, can you get a credit card?

Do we still need to pay customs duties or taxes?


What is the difference between regular reflector and 4d lens?

what's the difference with the spot and flood Lights?

Dual color changing main LED with RGB chasing halo Light Bar

Can it be used as a regular led light bar (solid white) or is it emergency lights only?

What is the difference between RGB halo and RGB Chasing halo?

Controller&Bluetooth APP

What is Customized wire for customer's existing switch ? Which kind of customized wire should i choose ?

How to use the anti-interfence remote?

What is New custom wire version control for vivid light bars or led pods?

What’s SS wireless remote controller?

What’s 44-1 wireless remote controller?

What’s 44-2 wireless remote controller?

What’s 422 wireless remote controller?

What do each button on the remote control stand for?

What App do we need to use for the lights?

Led lights working, but can't syncly control.