13.5" RGB Halo LED Light Bar

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  • Can I preset this bar to always illuminate Amber (when tapped into marker lights) and turn on spot light using an in-cab switch?

    Thank you for your question. You can set the halos to alwasys illuminate amber, but the leds can't.

  • bonjour combien mesure en longueur la barre led 4d cree halo en 13.5 pouces et y a t'il une notice pour les branchement? merci

    Bonjour, la longueur réelle de cette barre lumineuse est de 13,5 pouces, Dimensions: hauteur 8cm x profondeur 9cm. ses lumières de couleur blanche simples avec Halo RGB. tant que l'appareil est sous tension, RGBW Halo est contrôlé par l'application appelée Magic Light, l'opération est très simple.

  • bonsoir qu'elle est la difference entre la cree ordinaire et la 4D cree

    Bonjour, merci pour votre demande. Ils utilisent les mêmes puces à led, juste différentes en lentille à led et la lentille 4D Cree est plus lumineuse que la cree ordinaire.

  • Does this light bar measure 13.5 inches with the mounting brackets or 13.5 inches the light bar alone? Do the bluetooth halos only run on a remote or do they run on an app on your phone?

    hi, thank you for your inquiry, what i want to tell you is that 13.5 inches refers to the size of the light bar alone . besides, all our RGBW halo light bars can only be controlled by the app on the phone at present.

13.5" RGB Halo LED Light Bar 


This RGB Halo Led Light Bar, is a professional off road light bar, which is energy-saving and it is not only easy to install but also working in high effective. When you turn the light bar to combination beam, it will emerge a super bright illumination on the road, no matter you install it on a vehicle, a truck, an off-road, or a boat. These light bars have been designed for maximum functionality, with several size alternatives, RGB multicolor, and a useful beam pattern, all in a highly durable package.


1.4D RGB Halo Led Light Bar adopt evolutional 4D optic tech (Dual reflector cup + projector lens) be used for project more effective light to faraway and surround areas without foggy light/dark zone.

2. The RGB halo is controlled by the Bluetooth app: Magic Light, you could change the color by your phone.

3.Easy to install with the slide mount brackets.

Product Overview: 

1) Warranty: 2 years
2) Model Number: CY-B72CHF
3) Dimensions: 13.5 inch
4) Dimensions: height 3.15'' x depth 3.54''
5) Led Power: 72 W
6) Body Color: Black
7) Optional Beam: Combo
8) Waterproof Rate: IP 68
9) Color Temperature: 6000K
10) Lamp Luminous Flux: 5760 lm
11) Emitting color: Solid Million colors, 20 Strobe Patterns
12) Remote Controller: Bluetooth Remote, Sync With Any Our Halo Headlight and RGB halo led pods 

Order Details:  13.5" RGB Halo LED Light Bar, Bluetooth Remote; Universal Mounting And Necessary Mounting Hardware Like Bolts, Washers, Nuts Include

Attention: If you choose Amber halo, it will come with wireless remote controller.

If you choose RGBW halo, order will come with Bluetooth control box.