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    • Hi I got a question about this item ? So what is the difference between SPOT and FLOOD ? THANKS

      Thanks for your question. The spot beam is a longer and narrow view light, and the flood beam is a shorter and wider view light.

    • I have a BMW E39, wondering if I could strip the fog lights of that car and put these on its place? Could this set up plug and play? Or would it require a harness install?

      Hi, thank you for your questions, the led pods are fit for any vehivles, and they are come with bracket and screws that you can easily install them on your BMW E39, more details you can have a look of the pictures on our website or contact our sales department sales@vividlightbars.com

    • If I order 2 pairs of lights, can I get 1 pair flood and 1 pair spot lights?

      Hello, sure, you could choose two pairs at a time and note "1 pair flood and 1 pair spot lights" when you check out. You could also add 1 pair flood and 1 pair spot lights into cart separately and note "sync control" when you check out.

    • How many lumen per pod?

      Hello, a 40W pod is about 600 lumens.

    • What is used for the black finish? Are these UV resistant?

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. our lamp housing material is made of aluminum profile + lead spray. The glass cover of the lamp is made of PC material. Polycarbonate has high hardness, high strength, high toughness, good resistance to ultraviolet rays and good light transmission.

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