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    • I have Dual Color 4D Lens Strobe Straight Single Row Led Light Bar 25". What size fuse should I use with this? I have 5A, 10A, 15A and 30A?

      Thanks for your inquiry. I suggest you use a 10A fuse.

    • I have a bumper that houses at 20” single row, is there a chance you will be making a 20” instead of a 19?

      Hi, thanks for your inquiry ,I recommend you install 19".

    • if I have 2 different products with the wireless options, will the wireless remote affect both, or only the one it comes with?

      Hi, yes, the 2 different product's wireless remote controller will affect each other.

    • Do all of your light bars have a internal flasher or do I need to have an external one?

      Hello, all our dual color strobe lights have a built in flasher, We provide wiring harness, only need to be directly controlled by the controller, plug & play.

    • How long approximately would shipping take to England please?

      Hello, we normally need 3-5 business days to get ready and 5-7 business days for delivery.

    • Hi. I would like to wire this in to my stock auxiliary push switch’s... is it possible to just have the option of constant white or constant amber? I want the two colour options but don’t need any strobe. Thank you.

      Hello, yeah, please note your needs when you place an order and our colleagues will contact you if there is something needing confirmation.

    • What is the the mounting length? My bumper is 20.25 inches?

      Hi, thanks for your inquiry, the length of the universal mount bracket is 2 inches.

    • Hello this is a shipping question, i live in San Bernardino Ca, how long would ot take to ship and receive an item purchaced from you guys

      Hi, thanks for your inquiry. It usually takes 2-4 working days to manufacture and test, and 5-7 working days to deliver. Thank you.

    • Hello, would I be able to connect to a rocker switch for these like for a rzr?

      Hello, sure, you could choose the option "Custom control wire for toggle switch" so that you can connect to your rocker switch.

    • Would I be able to control two 10.5" lights with one remote?

      Hello, thanks for your inquiry. Yes, you could make a note when you place an order. 

    • What are the height and depth dimensions?

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. The dimension of sigle row dual color light bar: height 4.6 x depth 8.2cm.

    • Does the wireless controller have flash patterns?

      Yes, our dual color light bars/pods have strobe flash patterns. Meanwhile it has programmed strobe functions in wireless controller and pre-wired remote. You can directly use wireless remote to control.

    • Am I able to custom order so that the Amber lights are only one LED at each end and then 3 amber lights centered and spaced apart evenly in the middle and then the white would still be the full bar length?

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. If you need to customize the light bar, please inform us of your required size and attach a sketch to contact us: sales01@vividlightbars.com. Thank you.

    • What color options do I have with the custom design?

      Hello, thanks for your inquiry. You can make a note when you place an order. And then we will customize the color you want according to your requirements.

    • Could I get this with three colors instead of two?

      Hello,Yes, Please leave a notes under your order, we will help you to customize the color you want according to your requirements.

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