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    How to choose a suitable led off road light bar

    How to choose a suitable led off road light bar | Vivid Light Bars

    How to choose a suitable led off road lights bar? We always hear customers ask, "What is the difference between spot beam and flood beam? Which one is more suitalbe for the light bar I get? Which led chip is the best?" Well, in the last blog "The detailed description of led lightbar" I have mentioned that the difference between them and showed them by the pictures attached. Here I'll explain these in detail and give some suggestions that we hope will help you to make a better decision.


    Spot beam pattern


    The spot beam is commonly referred to as pencil beam, which has a narrow 8º beam pattern. So the light is more concentrated. Because the effective radiation range is small and the effective radiation distance is longer, it is widely used for task specific lighting. When you are driving off road vehicle on the night time road or sailing at night, you want to the lights focused and intense in a further and specific area. The spot beam is more suitable. led off road light bar 


    Flood beam pattern


    A flood beam has a wide beam spread of 90º. It is great for greater range lighting. With the increase of distance, the light is more and more spread out. So the light will not be too intense in long distance lighting. For example, when you want to more light up a close area, such as your garage, lawn, or open country, the flood pattern is a good choice.


    Combo beam pattern


    As the name suggests, the combo comes with spot beam and flood beam within one light. If you like the lightbar with the diversity, this is the right choice. It is not only with a high brightness in the short and greater range, but alse with the intense focusing effect in the long distance. So the most customers like and buy the combo beam led offroad lights bars.


    Say so many, I think you should understand them more or less. In most cases, customers will use a flood pattern on the roof for a wider range lighting while using a spot or combo on the bumper for the visibility of greater distance. Since the price is the same for the different patterns, so choose what kind led off road lights bar depends on your own specific situation.

    Learn More About Led Light Bar

    Learn More About Led Light Bar | Vivid Light Bars

    Do you really konw led lightbar? How to buy a top-quality light bar? As you know our products further, you will more and more understand about it and make a better decision when you need it. Next, I will show you some detailed descriptions of led bar here.

    • Led chips

    About led chips, there are a lot of led manufacturers, such as Cree, Epistar, Osram, Philips, Bridgelux, etc. The led chip of each brand comes with different power. It contains 1w, 3w, 5w, 10w and other power. Of course, the cost of high power LED chips will also be increased accordingly. The led chipset of each power is applied to different power led products, which are used for different application fields. Well, you may ask how we know what brand is the best. Okey, as the manufacturers above are all the world's leading LED suppliers, it seems like there is no the best, just better. So when you are going to buy a off road led light bar or work light, please trustingly choose these big brands. You might complain about my light bar is bad to use. Maybe it isn't the cause of LED chips, just the reason else. I put some clear images about the led chips of different brands in here for reference.

    Cree LED chip


    Epistar LED chip


    Osram LED chip


    • Flood, spot and combo beam

    Then talk about the details of the beam pattern. As you know, optional beam pattern contains flood beam, spot beam and combo beam. Each lighting effect of them is not the same. More specifically, the flood beam pattern comes with larger irradiation range and the light intensity in the center of the radiation is relatively weak. So the effective length of the beam is not very far. on the contrary, the spot beam pattern comes with smaller irradiation range, which the light is concentrated in. The light intensity is much higher and the effective length of the spot beam is much more farther. And the combo beam pattern is the combination of flood beam and spot beam. Usually, for the combo beam, the flood beam is on the both sides, and the spot beam is in the middle. It is great when you want versatility. The picture below will give you a clear understanding of them.



    For the different series of lightbar, the beam spread of flood and spot is different also. Often, it is 90º and 8º. But the principle is the same. For example, ordinary light bar's pattern is like this:



    3D lens light bar's beam pattern is like this:



    And 4D lens light bar's beam pattern is like below:



    • Straight and curved


    Finally, I will say the difference between straight light bar and curved light bar. Certainly, it is not the difference of quality. It just depends on your needs. Because of the different shape, installing position also is different. If you want to install it on the head of the car, the curved light bars is difficult. If you prefer to like curved lights bars, you can install it on the roof rack or the top of the windshield. It all depends you. I show some real pictures of lightbar installed on the cars to you.


    50 inch led light bar


    40 inch led light bar and 20 led lightbar

    Why is led bar so popular

    Why is led bar so popular | Vivid Light Bars

    "Why is led bar so popular?" When it comes to this question, let's look at what is happening around us. Due to auto lighting problems, many people give up driving under the bad road conditions at night. Do you often complain about lacking the sense of security when you driving on the dark roads? Or have you ever wish the moonlight was as bright as the sun to light up your way? Or how about it without the moonlight? What do you complain again? Most of time, we are not satisfied with the existing auto lighting system. When this happens, I think there should be a better solution. Yes, it does. LED light bar, your best choice. Maybe you will say what led light bar is. Basically, it is a hard bar with amounts of leds as a supplementary lighting system or tool. Some of them are short and some long, which comes in all sizes. You can demonstrate the individuality of your vehicles by personalized installing them. They are good decorations for your vehicles during the daytime, and they also are the best helper for you at night. Because it needs to take the external installation, there are a lot of advantages about it, including easy to install and disassemble, the better heat sink capability, installation in the different place for various purposes and so on. As the led lighting is more energy saving and longer life span, it has become more and more popular and widely used in the field of off road vehicle lighting. For these features, more and more people tend to use the led bar as their vehicles' starry eyes to make up for the inadequacy of headlights. Okey, from now on, let your way be away from the darkness.



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