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    New Switch Control Panel 12V/24V Electronic Relay System Circuit Control Box Waterproof Fuse Relay Box Wiring Harness Assemblies-Accessories-Vivid Light Bars
    1 YEAR INSURANCE FOR LIGHTS-Accessories-Vivid Light Bars
    Remote Area Delivery Fee of DHL or FedEx-Accessories-Vivid Light Bars
    Spring mounting base for Whip Light
    Anti-interference Remote/Sync Wireless Remote for Dual Color Light Bars/Pods/ Toggle Switch & Push Button Switch for Custom Control Wire-Accessories-Vivid Light Bars On Sale
    From $19.00 $1.00
    a 5-Meter RGB / RGB Chasing Extension Wire-Accessories-Vivid Light Bars
    a 5-Meters Extension Cable (5 Pins) for one dual-color light Bar-Vivid Light Bars
    a 5-Meters Extension Cable for a RGB Rock Light-Vivid Light Bars
    a 16.40 Feet Extension Cable (4 Pins) for one dual-color pod - Vivid Light Bars
    8 Buttons Wireless Remote Controller for Package of Light bars or LED Pods——Vivid Light Bars
    Newest Upgrade Alternate Flash Wireless/pre-wired Remote Controller Wiring Harness for LED Pods-Accessories-Vivid Light Bars
    From $49.00
    Newest Bluetooth Remote Controller for All Halo cubes, halo light bars, Halo headlight kits, Rock Lights-Vivid Light Bars
    From $39.00


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