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    Sponsorship Application

    Vivid Light Bars Brand Ambassador Application

    Thank your for your interest in joining our Vivid Light Bars Family and growing brand ambassador program. Please fill out all the fields below and provide us as much information as possible. This information will help us expedite the selection process.
    If you want get our sponsor , we usually meet the one of the following conditions we request
    1. Your instagram followers is more than 10k
    2. Each truck post get average more than 1k likes
    3. You have other social media account such as Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat and so on. 
    We usually send you sponsor discount code once we think it meet our request, 
    The better the discount , The more your followers or likes. 
    1. You also need put our social media account instagram @vivid_lightbars on your profile,
    2.Paste our sticker on your vehicle , then send me a photo of your vehicle with vivid light bars sticker.
    3.We usually begin very minimal sponsor with rock lights or led pods. 




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