Car logo

Installation instructions:

1.Put a towel next to the car box, with a flat head screwdriver pry the car logo, shop towel is to prevent scratches the body

2. Note that the first double-sided adhesive stripping the body, pry when the force is moderate, do not be too fierce, little by little, slowly pry down, clean the car and the body of the double-sided adhesive.

3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the inside of the box, pay attention to some places have a clip, be careful to remove the noise board can see a variety of lines.

4. Now come to install the car lights, car lights power line through one of the car positioning hole, wear the inside of the car to tear off the side of the standard single-sided plastic, while pulling the side of the car lights to the car body, pressure tight.

5. car lights installed, and now connected to power. Car lights to be connected to the license plate after the lights power, so when the lights opened when the lights will also open the lights

6. First pull out the plug, positive and negative stripping a hole, exposing the wire core, according to the red on the red, black on the black line, do not forget to use insulating tape wrapped, and finally re-plug the plug back! Replace the rear cover insulation board.

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