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    LED Pod Lights

    All Vivid dual color strobe light bars and pods can flash two colors (such as white and amber) and can also stay steady two colors (white or amber). They can be used as spotlight when they are fixed white color. They can also be used as emergency light when they strobe.
    The strobe patterns are as many as 40 modes, containing synchronous and alternate strobe!


    When you turn on the lights, found some pods are out of control, some pods can respond to remote. Don’t be worry, Please follow these steps:

    Power on all the pods, press A button and hold until all pods are off, then press A button again to turn them on. The pods should be controlled synchronously.

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    side shooter led light pods-vivid light bars
    From $149.00
    strobe led pods light -vivid light bars
    From $145.00
    3.2" Dual Color Strobe LED Pods-vivid light bars
    From $145.00
    3.2" Dual Color Flush Mount LED Pods -vivid light bars
    From $139.00
    4" white amber led pods-vivid light bars
    From $145.00
    Led Light Bar --vivid light bar
    From $145.00
    7.3 inch flush mount pod lights--vivid light bars
    From $145.00
    3.2'' Strobe LED Pods with Chasing Halo Rings-Vivid Light Bars
    From $179.00
    3.2" Strobe LED Pods with RGB Halo Rings-Vivid Light Bars
    From $179.00
    4.5 inch amber pod lights--vivid light bars
    From $149.00
    Mini 3" single color strobe LED work light pods for Off-road Truck waterproof fog light Trucks, ATV,4x4 (20W White / 12W Amber)-Vivid Light Bars
    From $149.00