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    • What is The Price for 1 piece with tax and shipping To Germany ?

      hi, yes, the price is including tax and shipping to Germany.

    • What part strobes the flood lights or the color halo? And if so can I just have the color halo stone without flood light on?

      Hello,this single white main LED with RGBW halo: this light bar can't strobe or flash, but it can stay steady solid white. and the RGBW halo has sold Million colors, 20 Strobe Patterns, controlled by Bletooth APP. If you want your light bar strobe or flash, you can order our color changing light bar with halo, main LED will be controlled by remote controller, has 40 stroboe modes. The halo will be controlled by Bluetooth APP named Magic LED, 20 strobe patterns. please check this link: https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/color-changing-light-bar

    • I have a bumper that is made to fit 2 30” rigid E series light bars, will this 31.5” fit? I looked on their website and the 30inch is actually 32”

      Hello, you might as well check carefully with the bumper, if it really fits 32", then our light bar will fit.

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