1 Dual Color Light Bar Sync with 4 Pack 3.2" 12W Dual Color Strobe LED Pods

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Size of a Light Bar


Mermory Function:

All Vivid Dual color changing strobe light bars and pods have memory function. Memory inside the programming of lights, it keeps the same mode after you turn  off and then turn on again.

Solid / Strobe 2 colors: 

All Vivid dual color changing strobe light bars and pods can flash two colors (such as white and amber ) and also can stay steady two colors (white or amber).

Learn more about the products:

  • Dimension : 3.2" for Pods  &  13.5‘’. 21.5'', 31.5'', 41.5'', 50'', 52", 54" for a Light Bar
  • LED Power : 12W for Pods  &  120W, 180W, 240W, 288W, 300W, 312W for a Light Bar
  • Luminous Flux : 1600lm for each Pod  &  9000lm, 13500lm, 18000lm, 21600lm, 22500lm, 23400lm for a Light Bar
  • Optional Beam : Flood/Spot for Pods  &  Combo for a Light Bar
  • Operating Voltage : 12~24V DC for Light Bar & Pods
  • Waterproof Rate : IP68
  • Body Color : Black
  • Lens Material : PC
  • White Light Color Temperature : 6000K
  • Housing Material : Diecast aluminum alloy
  • Mounting Bracket : Stainless Steel
  • Working Temperature : -40ºC~+85ºC
  • Lifespan : >30,000hrs
  • Wiring Harness Length : 16.40 ft (5 meters) for pods 
  • Warranty 2 years warranty
Kindly Note: 8 buttons wireless remote controller can not only control the light bar and light pods independently, but also control the whole set (light bar and light pods) synchronously.

There are 8 buttons on the controller. [ Button 1 and Button 5 are turn on/off, Button 2 and Button 6 are sync strobe pattern, Button 3 and Button 7 are alternating strobe pattern, Button 4 and Button 8 are steady color pattern. ]

  • Separate control of the light bar and pods: Button 1-4 are used for the light bar, Button 5-8 are used for the light pods.
  • Synchronous control the whole set: Button 1-4 is for the whole package.

Transfer Button: Button 4. This is a button that transfers between synchronous control and separate control. Every time you want to change the way to control, please long press Button 4.  

    What include in the order :

    • 4 x LED Pods  &  1 x LED Light Bar
    • 4 x Universal Mounting Brackets for Pods  &  1 x Universal Mounting Bracket for a Light Bar
    • 1 x Quad Sync Wiring Harness for Pods 
    • 1 x 8 Buttons Wireless Remote controller

      About Brake/Turn Signal Line

      This Brake/Turn Signal Line has 3 wires, which will have different flash effects when touch with positive wire.
      Black Line for Right Turn;
      Yellow Line for Left Turn;
      Red Line for Brake.




      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Scott Heins

      Have not received it

      Luke Brende

      I still havenג€™t got it yet

      Lloyd, Mathew

      I debated for a long time on what lights were right for me. I ordered a set of 4 30 watt pods and a 13.5 inch light bar in white/ amber and wasn't disappointed at all. The build quality is outstanding and the light output is incredibly visable from a long distance. I did have a small issue but was soon dealt with after speak to Amy in customer service. Dont be put off ordering this product because it's sent from china as my order was with me within 3 days. Cant recommend enough. Mat

      Scott Durein

      We're installing the light bar and cubes now...very excited to play with them!

      Jeff Davis

      I am using this on my Jeep Wrangler for some off roading and primaraly for responding with my volunteer fire and rescue departments. Very bright during the day, people really move out of the way. At night I use the Knight Rider looking mode. I only wish I knew how to hard wire it into my Feniex 4200 mini switch. I have it wired there for power only but I still have to use the remote for mode changes. Iג€™m sure there is a way to do it and not lose any of the capabilities but itג€™s beyond my capabilities. Cheaper and more useful than most emergency responce light bars. Plus it doesnג€™t look like police lights.

      Glenn Mathis

      I'd rate it if it was here

      Brian Ford

      I havenג€™t received it or heard anything about the order or shipment

      Mark Maasen

      They have not been opened yet because they are Christmas presents; however, the process was easy and they were delivered in a timely manner. Great Job so far. I update after the first of the year on the lights themselves after they are installed.

      Tristan Danback

      Good service


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      • Isn't this ILLEGAL ? You are not allowed to pose as a police officer

        Hi ,we are not  to pose as  a police officer,you can buy it as for fog lamps .

      • Is their one like this that can be multi color flash glow etc 50 or more colors and flash strobe to music.

        we have at most two colors light bar , pods, they cant be multi color flash and flash strobe to music,because its not bluetooth music remote control. if you want multi color flash and music remote, i recommand rgbw halo light bar and halo pods for you .

      • Can you please explain in better detail or possibly answer with a video on what you mean by “white/half red an half blue” in this question and answer: Sorry for the elementary question, but If I choose red/blue as the colors, are they true RGB, and will also allow a solid white? Or will they only light up red or blue? Either way, awesome product! Thx for your question ! They only light up red and blue if you choose red/blue I suggest you that choose a pair of white/red and a pair of white/blue for pods, and white/half red and half blue I’m want to get the pods and light bar in flashing red and blue for when I’m working and be able to have them all white when not working and just off roaming is this possible?

        Thx for your question. Yes, it's possible.

      • I love this combo kit, but have noticed some questions about the pods shown versus a “flush mounted pod.” Is the flush mounted pod different/better for any reason?

        Thx for your question !       Just have different mounting style

      • Sorry for the elementary question, but If I choose red/blue as the colors, are they true RGB, and will also allow a solid white? Or will they only light up red or blue? Either way, awesome product!

        Thx for your question !   They only light up red and blue if you choose red/blue                    I suggest you that choose a pair of white/red and a pair of white/blue for pods,  and white/half red and half blue

      • If I have a factory relay and uplifter switches can I use the one in my truck? Or do I have to use the supplied wire harness to get the remote to work?

        Thank you for your question !   Yes, if you want to control with remote, you have to choose our wiring harness

      • What if I already have light bars what do I need to make my led lights strobe like that

        Thank for your question !   Just hooking them up,  they are pulg & play

      • I have a 2018 ford raptor will I be able to wire the light bar to one of the factory auxiliary switches and still use the wireless remote to change patterns ?

        Thank you for your question.   Yes, you can. 

      • Do you have any lights that can flash all the colors or are there just two for options. I would need the amber for construction but like to put on blue once and a while. flashing blue and red are illegal in NY

        Thank you for your question.   Yes,they do just 2 colors for options.  I think you can choose color Blue/Amber, it fit what you want

      • Are the flashing cntrolers and remotes included On the $249 package?

        Thank you for your question.   Yes,the package included all the accessory that they need

      • if.i.want.bar.on.&.pods..off..2.controlers.right

        Thank you for your question !   Yes,you are right

      • I am. Currently a light dealer Would love to ad this product to my li e of lights. What does it take to be a dealer ?

        Thank you for your quesrion.  Contacting our dealer department,please.  sales01@vividlightbars.com 

      • Do you have his phone number that I can call Lynne and place my order

        Thank you for your question.  What's problem do you get?  We prefer answer you via Facebook or E-mail

      • Tried to order using the applied discount. On the sale of $448.01 using the christmas20 code, the discount came to $22.40. According to my math, 20% works out to be $89.60 leaving a total of $358.41. Please let me know if there are additional charges that aren't mentioned or calculated on your web page. Thank you.

        Thank you for your question ! 15% off is automatically set up for the whole site,  add your 5% off, they are total 20% off.   I'm sorry for our site mislead you.

      • How long is the wiring harness for the 4 pods, will it reach from the back of a pickup truck to the front where the battery is located?

        Thank you for your question, the wiring harness is 5 meters long, and it is enough for reaching from the back to the front of your pickup.

      • Hi I am interested in you Christmas sale of the straight light bar and four pods. However is there a way to have white/Blue for the straight bar and white/amber on the pods? Thank you

        Thank you for your question, you can note down the colors if you want different colors.

      • If I get the flush mount pods and the light bar separately, can the wireless remote control both the bar & pods ?

        Thanks for your question, and yes, you can use one wireless remote to control both of the bar and pods.

      • Can you get light bar in white and blue and pods in white and red together

        Thank you for your question.  Yes, we can custom half red and half blue / White  for you.

      • Can you get amber only?

        Thank you for your question.   Sorry.  we can't yet,   but you can get amber only if you don't change color.

      • What's the difference in the two controllers

        Thank you for your question, the wireless remote controller is like a fob that you can control the lights within a available field, and the wired controller is a controller that wired on the harness. 

      • What size is that light bar on that f150 on your home page? Also I want the fog lights in that picture. Basically want that setup.

        Thank you for your question, the light bar on that f150 is 50 inch one, you can choose the 50 inch light bar and 4 pods with the package.

      • I’d love to Brighten up my brake lights on my dresser Harley, what do you recommend or are they too powerful for a bike?

        Thank you for your question, we have the flashing pods that will power for a bike, here is the link:  https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/3-alternate-sync-color-changing-strobe-led-pods-flush-pods/products/3-2-wireless-remote-color-changing-flash-cube-pods

      • Do you have curved ight bars?

        Thank you for your question !  Yes,we do.  https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/package-deal/products/package-deal-for-straight-light-bars-pods-1

      • Hi i want to buy the long bar and the 4 spot lights that go with it exactly how you have it advertised that same set in amber and white colour for my truck for traffice control safety measures? but when i come to order i dont know what to pick for the lights to operate like that.

        Thank you for your question, the light bar is the 31.5 inch on the advertise, if you need more details pls contact our customer service department amy@vividlightbars.com

      • With the wireless remote can you make all 4 of the pods and light bar start a flash pattern with just one remote or do you have to have multiple remotes for the light bar and the 2 sets of the pods?

        Thank you for your question. You can use one remote to get the 4 pods start a flash pattern, but the light bar can't, cause there are different modes on the light bar and pods.

      • can u buy the light bar and later on add the cubes

        Thank you for your question. Yes, you can. Here is the link of the light bar: https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/color-changing-light-bar

      • Are the lights just Strobe lights? Can I run them in color when at a show and White when I'm off road?

        Thank you for your question. There are solid modes on the lights that you can run them.

      • Can I get the flush mount pods that strobe with this package instead of the regular mount pods?

        Thank your for your question. I am so sorry that you can't, cause the price of flush mount pods is different with regular one. If you want the flush mount pods and the light bar, you can add them into cart separately and checkout together.

      • Whats the best controller to use on the 4 pod system ? I don't want them flashing all at once but all separate

        Thanks for your question. You can choose the two set of wire harness to get them flashing separately.

      • Can I purchase only four pods? Amber and white.

        Thank you for your question. Yes, you can just purchase only 4 pods, here is the link of the pods:  https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/3-alternate-sync-color-changing-strobe-led-pods-flush-pods/products/3-2-wireless-remote-color-changing-flash-cube-pods

      • Is it possible to get flush mounted pods

        Thank you for your question. You can order the flush mounted pods and light bar seperately.

      • Warrenty and will you ship to canada

        Thank you for your question. All of our lights are come with a lifetime warranty, and we ship to Canada for free shipping.

      • How do they hold up to sub zero conditions

        Thank you for your question. Our light bar and pods can work under the condition of -40℃ ~ +85℃。

      • Is the pre wired controller just a switch panel vs a remote for the wireless or is there more of a differance?

        Thank you for your question. It is just a switch panel vs the remote, the others are the same.

      • Can I turn on the light bar and the pods separately like and if I get 4 pods can I just 2 on at once and than the other 2 when I want And than all on together when I want and is there a stationary mode for the light bar be sides flashing Or do I need separate controllers and what control should I order to do all of this

        Thank you for your questiom. You can turn on the light bar and pods separately, and you can get 2 or 4 pods on your truck at once, but maybe you need the two double synchronous wire harness. And there is stationary mode on C button of the remote, you can choose the wireless remote controller or pre-wired controller that both of them can do all of this.

      • Is there a stationary mode for the light bar & pods for like a driving light. Or is there flash patterns only

        Thank you for your question. There is a stationary mode for the light bar and pods on D button.

      • In the flash pattern, do the lights switch back and forth between white & amber? Also if I hard wire to switches, can I have a switch for white steady burn and a switch for flashing?

        There are 4 functions in our remote with 4 buttons.

        Button A is turn on/off,
        Button B has some strobe function,
        Button C has some alternate flash function,
        Button D has two modes, fix white/amber

        If you want white steady and flash, our custome control wire will meet your needs.

      • How do i change The colour of The lightbar?

        Hi,Thanks for your inquiry,You need to change the color of the light bar through the controller.

      • Package of 1 Dual Color Light Bar & 4 Pack 3.2 Inch 20W LED Pods. If I get white/green, I can turn all green or all white with controller correct?

        Hi, yes, they can flash two colors and also can stay steady two colors.

      • Does this come with Bluetooth control so I can change colors with my phone

        Hello, sorry for your inconvenience, the bluetooth control just controls the RGB halo around the light bar and pods (if you add it), not the middle color of the light bar and pods. That means they can't be changed color with your phone.

      • Would I be able to switch the control It comes with for the new switch panel

        Hello, yes, you can control it with the new switch panel.

      • I really dont want the controller I would like to wire it to the switches already in my truck. Do you have a more detailed wire diagram on the custom harness? And why isn't the custom harness cheaper if it doesnt have a flasher?

        Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. If there is no strobe device on your truck, then the lights will not strobe. If you want to know more about custom harness, please contact Amy: amy@vividlightbars.com

      • Can you explain in better detail the difference in remotes? I am looking for just one light bar and 4pods white/ amber and I am not sure what remote I need.

        Hello, thanks for your inquiry. We want to know how you plan to control your package. Our remote controls are wireless and pre-wired. Do you plan to control the light bar and pods synchronously or separately? I suggest you choose SS remote controller. SS remote is a 8-buttons controller for one set light, not only sync all light bars & led pods(in this case, you will control the lights by pressing the left row button only), but also separately control all light bars and all led pods by long time pressing "the left row switch D button" (after you finish switch, the left row is for light bar, the right row is for led pods). [Button A is Turn On/Off, Button B/C is different strobe patterns, Button D is solid pattern.]

      • I got the package deal with the light bar and 4 pods, with the wireless remote and wired remote in the harness. What kind of warranty does your lights come with and are the remotes both waterproof?

        Hello, we offer 1 year warranty for all the items. Besides, the key chain remote controller and the Bluetooth controller are not waterproof, so please keep them away from water.

      • Can I do three colors cause I’m a firefighter and I’m looking to get newer lights but I also like huntin and I was wondering if I could get a light bar and pods that strobe red and blue but also be able to turn them all white so when I’m huntin

        Hello, for the light bar, we suggest you to take 41.5", 50", 52" and 54"; there are 4 sections in 41.5" & 50" and 5 sections in 52" & 54", in that case, you could choose any dual color options for each section, like white/blue and white/red, there will be white/half red half blue or white/ red & blue, (there will be steady/strobe white color as well as steady/strobe red&blue.) Please contact us for pictures or more specific introdcutions.

      • I would like to add 2 pods to the back of my trailer which is 50 feet long. Do you guys sell a extension for this? Possibility with a quick disconnect for when I separate truck from trailer? I want one light bar and four pods for truck and two pods for trailer.

        Hello, you could separately control the lights on truck and those 2 led pods on trailers. For your trailer, we suggest you to take 8 pcs extension cables for led pods.
        If you connect all the lights on the same power source, you could purchase this package with 422 remote controller to separately control the lights.  https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/package-deal/products/copy-of-newest-upgrade-6-pack-3-2-inch-20w-color-changing-alternate-flash-led-pods-with-anti-interference-contorller
        If the power source for the lights on trailer and trucks is different, for truck, we suggest you to take this package(1 light bar & 4 pods); the other 2 led pods for trailer, https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/3-alternate-sync-color-changing-strobe-led-pods-flush-pods/products/3-2-wireless-remote-color-changing-flash-cube-pods

      • can you do red white and blue and does it stay on any color

        Hello, we could do red, white and blue for the light bar. But the light bar will show "all white", "half red and half blue". There will no all red or all blue except you choose 2 colors only like white/red or white/blue.

      • Will this work with a 24 volt system?

        Hello, yes, it will work with 24 Volt system

      • How or where would I get a strobe function?

        Hello, there is wireless remote, pre-wired controller as well as custom control wire for your options to control the lights, which allow you to switch the lights to any strobe patterns freely.

      • I see it say there is no strobe function, but will they still flash?

        Hello, this package of light bar & pods is color changing, which means it has steady colors as well as flashing modes.

      • Does is also have an ON mode for backup lights?

        yes, either one of remote control has a separate switch.

      • How do u get the strobe option?

        all our color changing light bar have strobe function, you just need to use our remote control to select the strobe mode. it's very easy to use.

      • Hey with the 1 bar and 4 pods how to I get that with the amber option as well? Or does it already come with it??

         Hi. it is easy to get amber , when you add it into shopping cart , you need choose the color white amber option , the light bar and pods would flash white or amber .

      • Is it possible to control one light bar and 2 pods then the other light bar and the other 2 pods? looking at the package with 1 bar and 4 pods with the 442 and add a light bar. thanks

        hi. thanks for your inquiry , yes, we can do it , when you complete the order, pls leave a note about this control system , we will make custom control box for you . you can can contact us on facebook message , we will help you modify the order . 

      • Can i get 2 13.5 inch bars in the package theres no option in the extra bar category

        really sorry, it is the deficiency of our website system,now our website has been modified while, you can choose two 13.5'' light bars in that package and checkout online.

      • Am I able to get 2 flush mount pods and 2 regular pods?

        Hello, it is ok to get 2 flush and 2 regular. Please leave us a note of it when you place order.

      • How Can I get the strobe feature for these lights

        Hello, we will provide a controller and you could switch models by pressing the buttons to get the strobe model you want.

      • On your package deal for 333.92 can the light bar that comes with it be switched to a shorter one like the 32in instead of the long 50in one?

        Hi, you can choose different size from 8" to 54" , the package has different price , we are pomroting father's day sale, dont forget use code: father, will get 15% off.

      • could i get a package with one light bar and six or eight pods?

        Hi, of couse you can get a package with one light bar and 6 or 8 pods. You can log in our shop to choose them. Thanks