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    • Do the headlights ,fog lights, and rock light all work on the same bluetooth control?

      Thanks for your inquiry,the headlights and fog lights are controlled by same bluetooth control,rock light is controlled by another bluetooth controller.

    • What are all the colors on the lights.

      Thank you for your question, these halo lights are come with a color wheel on the app, you can download the app and choose the multiple colors on your phone.

    • Can I buy just the fog lights

      Thank you for your question. Yes, you can. Pls contact amy@vividlightbars.com, she will tell you how to do with it.

    • Do the colours work good in cold temperature, like -30C?

      Thank you for your question, yes, they can.

    • Can I return them if they dont fit or work for my truck with no penalty or restocking fee?

      Thanks for your question!We dont usually accept return , as the high return shipping fees and import tax is even high than light itself.
      If you have any problem in quality, we will replace it , pls confirm the correct type of your vehicle before you order our 03-06 chevy silverado halo

    • How hard is the installation?

      Thanks for your question!It's very easy to install,you can DIY install them.

    • Do y'all have payment plans?

      Thanks for your question!We just accept paypal payment.

    • How do I separate the headlights

      you can look up some video tutorial. it maybe help you .

    • How do the LED strips stick to the headlights ?

      thanks for your question.you can use the glue to stick them.

    • Do the headlight assembly come already together or do you have to put them together?

      Hi. You have to put the halo inside the headlight ,

    • Will they fit a 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 classic

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. This one fits 03-06 Chevy Silverado, we are not sure it will fits yours, but you can check the Size: 297.1mm*2  127.3mm*2.

    • Do they automatically turn on when ur key is turned to accessories?

      Hello, it controlled by APP, you would need to wire the RGBW wires with lights and Bluetooth control box; then connect the power source. After that, scan the code of Bluetooth control box and download APP called Magic Light.

    • Does this come with whole new headlight lamps or just the halo strips

      Hi, thank you for your inquiry. The order included: 4 Halos; 4 Drivers; 1Bluetooth Remote.

    • Is the box water proof ?

      Hello, thanks for your inquiry. Sorry, all the Bluetooth boxes and remote controllers are not waterproof, so please keep them away from water.

    • I had bought pre assembled halo headlights from primo dynamics and to be honest they are sort of junk. How do you feel that these are better than there’s cause I had a lot of wiring issues

      Hello, our products are Bluetooth APP control and easy to install. This is RGBW color and there are millions of solid colors and up to 20 strobe patterns.

    • Would these fit on a 2003 duramax?

      Yes, also fit your 2003 duramax.

    • How well do they worked through smoked headlight lenses? Very interested!!

      hi, thank you for your questions. the halo headlight kits are intalled on the headlight and they worked with Bluetooth App (called Magic Light).

    • Does this set come with the fog light halos with the head lights and marker lights?

      hi, thank you for your inquiry. the order included: 4 Halos; 4 Drivers; 1Bluetooth Remote. you also can add Rectangula Fog Lights if you need, but you need pay extra price.

    • Would you paint the inside housing black??

       sorry, because except for the light beads other parts are black, and it is unreasonable to be painted black. 

    • the halos do all colors even white correct?

      yes, it could show millions of colors.

    • I was just wondering if the halls have 3m tape so it sticks, or do you use clear fishing line

      yes, our halos come with 3m tap so it sticks

    • Would this fit on a 2007 2500hd classic body style?

      yes, it fits on 2007 classic body style

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