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    • red/blue light, does it switch to white or is it only red/blue?

      I 'm sorry , if you choose red/blue, it can switch only red /blue light .no white .

    • Does the color changing light bar have alternating flash pattern along with just a solid white? The switch controller allows the pattern to change by hitting the red button on the controller? I am looking for a light that is solid white to assist for night driving and also a light that flashes red/white for fire response to help notify traffic of an emergency vehicle.

      1.The color changing light bar doesn't have alternating flash pattern,but it has 9 flash patterns and solid white/red.
      2.Yes,it changes pattern by hitting red button
      3.If you choosed red/white then it is not only solid white/red,but also strobe 9 flash patterns

    • If I get a RGB will it still be ran off the little wireless remote ?

      Hi, Dear, this is Dual Color strobe light, it is controlled by a remote control, but if you Add RGB Halo, main LED will be controlled by remote controller,  RGB halo will be controlled by Bluetooth APP.

    • What are the dimensions from hole to hole on the mounting brackets when installing? I know the light bar is 21.5 in, but when the mounting brackets are on the light, what is total distance between mounting holes.

      Hello, the distance from mounting hole to the other mounting hole for 21.5" light bar is 61 cm.

    • would this fit in the bumper of a 2018 ram 3500? Leaving the tow hooks and using the brackets that convert to a 22" bar?

      Hello, friend, we offer universal mounting brackets when you take 21.5" light bar and it will increase about 5cm when installing with the mounting brackets. You might need to find professional service or to buy proper mount brackets for your 2018 ram 3500.

    • So the custom control wiring is the red for the white and the black negative and the other 2 control the left and right side secondary color?

      hi, thank you for your inquiry. There are four wires on the control box, two wires go to the positive and negative power wires, and the others go to the signal wires to control the color.

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