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    • Do you have any switch boxes that you can suggest that will help when using multiple light bars?

      Thankes for your inquiry ,you can choose the pre-wired controller, it is switch box. it is easy to use.

    • Can you hardwire the light bar with the selected strobe pattern to a switch while also hardwiring the override solid white function to another switch? Do you have to use the controller?

      Hi,thanks for your inquiry ,If you choose our custom wire ,it will can meet your requirements.you wont have to use the controller.

    • How come there is no wiring diagram? I can't get the strobe light function what's missing. I ordered Red/White Custom Control wire to run of my own buttons.

      if you choose our light bar with custom wire, it just comes with 4 wires, 2 of them wires work for power, the other 2 wire works for two colors signal wires, it doesnt have any modes, you have to connect it to your own control system, use your own modesm, if your control system has flash modesm, the lights will flash, if not, it wont flash .

    • You need to make this light bar with adjustable mounts. Would like to mount this in my Bull Bar, I have room for 24inches but the welded mounting tabs are around 13inches.

      Thank you for your question, you can contact our customer service department amy@vividlightbars.com to ask the details that you want.

    • Can you have 2 different light bars on the same remote?

      Hi. yes, we can ,but light bar will not have back and forth patterns, two synchronous light bar has same strobe patterns

    • I have a 2013 F250. Will this fit on your F250 Bumper mount?

      Thank you for your question, and yes, it will fit your 2013 F250.

    • What are the full dimentions? Width is posted, but height of front, and depth? Need to see if will have enough space to fit in a grill spot. Thanks

      Thanks for your question. The height of the front is 3.2 inch, and depth is 3.5 inch.

    • Can I get this in a Red/Green only instead of Red/Blue or White/Red etc?

      Thank you for your question. We can make the light bar on white/half red half green.

    • What is the total distance from the holes on one bracket to the next , need to see if it'll line up with a brush guard I recently purchased.

      Thank you for your question, the total distance from the hole on one bracket to the next is 29 inch, would it fit your new purchase brush?

    • Is the white light a spot or flood beam?

      It's spot and flood beam combo.

    • The controller seems to only have 4 buttons but it appears this light bar has more than 4 settings, do they come preprogrammed or do each button have multiple patrons? Also does just a solid light come standard on all models?

      Yes,they do come with preprogrammed. A button controls the on/off,B button controls the 11 flash modes,C button controls 17 alternate flash modes,D controls 2 soild color

    • Though it says red/blue it will also be white?

      Thanks for your question! NO,it doesn't. Red/blue just has 2 colors

    • When selecting color options, does the red/blue option also have white. And if not do you make one that has red/blue and whit?

      hi. thanks for your inquiry , if you choose white/half red half blue, it show white and half red and half blue, also solid white and half red half blue.

    • I am also looking to use this LED Bar for off-road use, as well as an emergency light for a fire department. As you responded to the previous question below, the LED Bar will remember the last used flash pattern; lets say red/white in a strobe pattern. If I am now on a dark road, and want a solid white led light, do I need to click through all the other flash patterns to get that pattern? Is there a way that the LED Bar can be wired so pressing one button will turn on the red/white strobe, and pressing a different button will engage a solid white pattern? If unable to do this, I will likely look for an alternate product.

      Hi. thanks for your question again . our wireless remote have 4 buttons, A is turn on/off, B is strobe , C is back and forth, D is solid two colors, it is easy to remember and use, if you want use white on dark road, you just need press A ,then press B, will get white. if it is white when you turn off, next you turn on light bar, it will light up white, you dont need press other button .

    • I want to mount this on a grill guard with pre-drilled holes on a 24 in center. What is the distance between the mounting brackets with the light bar in place?

      the exact length of light bar is 21.5" , not including mount bracket, it is enough if the room is 24" between them.

    • I'm in law enforcement and was wondering if this could be hard wired in a Whalen switch box? Also does this light just flash or does it have a flood light as well?

      sorry, you have to use our current wire, it can solid two color also strobe two colors.

    • What is your warranty on your products

      Thanks for your question.We offer the conditional lifetime warranty.

    • Does this light bar save the last flash pattern that was used, such as a red white strobe pattern after the unit is turned off? Does it have a white override where the strobe pattern turns off and it can instantly be used as a off road light bar? I am thinking about using this light bar for a fire department application.

      yes, it can remeber last modes after you close it . you can solid white as a off road light bar. you can solid white al the way, use the button to change mode you want .

    • Does the strobe function require an external flasher or does the bar have one built in?

      Hello, this color changing lights, just choose our remote control (wired or wireless) to control it. It has strobe function. when you choose white/amber, there will be solid/flash white, solid/flash amber.

    • How mong does it take for an order to be shipped?

      Hello, thank you for your question! Generally we need 2-3 business days to get the items ready and 3-5 business days for delivery.

    • is the "W/RGBA" a white, RGB, and Amber?

      Hello, "W/RGBA" is for light bar 31.5"-54", which means light bar has 3 or 4 sections while 21.5" only consists of 2 secttions. Besides, if you choose "W/RGBA", there will be solid/flash all white, solid/flash mixed RGBA color(e.g., 31.5" light bar will have mixed RED/BLUE/AMBER). Please cheeck the picture through this link. https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/color-changing-light-bar/products/color-changing-30-inch-led-light-bars

    • If I choose custom wiring and connect to my own flasher, will the amber still flash half and half giving me the ability to have the "wig wag" flashing lights?

      Hello, if you choose custom control wire, then there will be only strobe all amber color or strobe all white color or solid color. If you want flash half and half, you would need to choose our remote controller. Please note that if you choose custom control wire, then only if there is strobe function on your truck could our lights flash, besides, custom control wire will make the lights lose alternate strobe patterns. (only the whole light bar strobe) (Here is how custom control wire works: it consists of 2 power wires and 2 signal wires, Connect two power wires to your truck battery and two signal wires to your own controller. Two signal wires control two colors separately. For example, if you choose White/Amber, one of signal wire controls white and another one controls amber. Touch the positive power wire with the signal wire to show color.)

    • How is this bar mounted? Do you sell a bracket (2013 F250) for this light bar? Does it come with mounting hardware?

      Hello, generally we ship the light bar with universal mount brackets and mounting hardware, besides, we have mounting brackets(2013 F250) for 21.5" light bar, please check, https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/ford-light-bar-mounts/products/mounting-bracket-for-11-15-f250

    • Hi, I was wondering if this would fit on 2005 chevy silverado pickup in the opening in the chrome bumper

      Hello, our light bar is 21.5 inch, you might as well measure your bumper size to check.

    • I have a f-150 2013. I was wondering if this would fit in the middle part of the bumper?

      Yes, it can install in the middle part of the bumper, but you need to measure the size of the middle part of the bumper by yourself before you purchase.

    • Can this light bar be synchronized with one of your package deals using the same remote? If so, which remote will I need to select on the package deal?

      yes, it can , you need choose pre-wired controller, then can sync it with package deal 

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