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    • Light bar came on by itself 5 hours after I shut truck off what causes this

      It may be interrputed by some extenal signals.

    • Am I right in thinking these are 12 and 24 volt power

      Thx for your question !   Yes, you're right.

    • How does the light bar hook oh to the vehicle?

      you can install them by mount bracket

    • If i just order the red bar, is the whole bar red and still flood white? Or is the Red/White bar the blood that can just flash red, but override with white? Does it need a flasher? Or is flasher internal?

      Hello, thank you for your question!
      Firstly, if you choose "red", then the whole light bar is single color and it will only show steady red or flashing red;
      Secondly, if you choose "white/red", then the whole light bar has double colors, which means there will be steady white color, steady red color, strobe white color as well as strobe red color;
      Lastly, all of our color chaging lights will be controlled by our wireless/wired remote, you won't need another flasher.

    • Can you make the light bar go Red and Amber and will I still have the white

      Yes, for this 41.5 straight light bar, we could make half red and half amber for you and you could still have the white color for the whole light bar. Please leave note when you place oder

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