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    • Is there any way to make them flash quick

      Ok, Well , our color changing light bar has slow and quick strobe patterns. you can choose them .

    • How bright is the sold white option? I want to us it for volunteer fire pov response as well us the solid white for off road option

      Thank you for your question, the light bar is super bright no matter the solid white or colors option with a high standard quality LEDs.

    • Is there a steady burn option for just the whit color on blue/white bar?

      Hi. Yes, use D buttom , you can solid white or blue

    • Does this have a steady burn option for just Green or Amber?

      hi, thank you for your inquiry. yes, for example, if you choose White/Amber, the light bar can flash White and Amber, also can stay steady solid White or Amber.

    • Can the dual color amber white strobe back and forth between both colors

      Hi, thank you for your inquiry. Yes, it can. the color changing light bar have up to 40 modes, which includes the mode you mention just now.

    • Is there still a steady white option for the whole bar even if one of the colors you have chosen for example is red/blue

       hi, thank you for your inquiry. if you choose red/blue, the light bar can flash red and blue and also can stay steady solid red or blue, but can't get the steady white on the whole light bar. however, if you choose white/amber, the light bar can flash white and amber and also can stay steady solid white or amber, this means that the whole light bar can stay steady white. 

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