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    • is it 12 or 24 Opereting Voltage?

      Hi,thanks for your inquiry,it is 12 to 24v opereting voltage.

    • I bought aBluetooth Remote 50" LED Light Bar RGBW Halo and I can't find app that I need for this can you send me a link with it

      Hi,you need to ues your phone devices search "magic light" in app store,then download and install it.

    • will this 50in led light bar rgbw halo work for a ford f350 2008 would it be the right size?

      Hi. Yes, it is usually 50 inch , but you had better measure it correctly, sometimes some customers use 52" or 54"

    • Is the a curve or straight?

      Thanks for your question! It's a straight light bar

    • Will this lightbar work for a 2011 tundra

      Thanks for your question!Yes,it fit 2011 tundra

    • Does the Halo have memory? If I have the Halo on the color Red when I shit it off. Will be back on Red when I turn it on, or do I have to select the color each time?

      Hello, the halo have memory function, and you won't have to select the color each time.

    • Are the main lights duel colour while/amber

      hi, thank you for your inquiry . I am sorry to tell you that the RGBW halo light bar can't flash white/amber, but it can stay steady solid white. if you want your light bar flash white/amber, you can order our color changing light bar, and choose white/amber from color option when you add it into shopping cart, this is order link: https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/color-changing-light-bar/products/50-inch-led-light-bar  it can flash white and amber, also can stay steady solid white or amber.

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