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    • Can I wire it so I can have th Amber on one switch and white on another?

      Thank you for your question !   No,you can't.  They controlled by a controller

    • I need white for normal driving,and Amber solid for fog, will this work? Perfer curved, combo with spot and flood sides.

      Thank you for your question, and yes, it will work.

    • Could I possibly be able to get a blue/amber instead of a blue/white? I work with road construction and blue/amber is very much needed in alerting traffic of our presence...especially at night

      Thanks for your question. No,we can't do that yet

    • I have a solid white curve now, would love to have the 52" curve that flash red and blue or could turn to solid white when need be, same thing for the pods red&blue flash then white spot when need be

      Thank for your question! No,Both light bar and pods only has 2 colors,if you choosed red/blue that they can't solid white.

    • For those that have bought this and are first responders, how easy is it to get to a certain flash pattern then to turn it off once you're done with it?

      Thanks for your question! It has memory function.When you turn to a certain flash pattern then to turn it off that you will get same flash pattern next time turn it on

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