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    • Bonjour je comprend qu'il y a 4 couleur différente sur cette bar led moi je voudrait la même barre led en 54 pouce qui eclaire blanc et qui clignote de couleur ambre merci de votre réponse

      Thanks for your question, but could you pls write it in English?

    • You guys don't make 54" curved led bars?

      Thank you for your question, we make the 54'' color changing curved led bars, here is the link of them: https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/color-changing-curved-light-bar-with-wireless-remote/products/waterproof-54-curved-led-light-bars

    • Can y'all build one that is blue/amber. Please let me know

      Yes,we can build one light bar that is made of white/ parts blue part amber, 312w is usually made 4 pcs 60w pcb board and 1pc 72w pcb board. each pcb board has 4 options for you, such as white/red,white/green, white/blue, white/amber. you can choose any color combo freely, pls let me know your combo.  

    • can I cut the switch off and wire it into my existing light switches? also does it save the pattern last left on?

      sorry , not yet, maybe we will develop it , swtich control and wireless remote has same stobe patterns

    • Are those for 12 volts only or Are they 12/24 volts?

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. The voltage for this 54inch Led Light bar is 12-24 volts.

    • Hi What happens when i have custom control wire and i switch both signal wires to positive. it will light both colors? white and amber at same time?

      Hello, we don't suggest that. If you touch both the signal wires to positive, it won't show white and amber but a mixed color.

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