Dual Color Strobe 7.5 Inch Led Light Bar(2 pack)

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The Dual Color Strobe 7.5 Inch Led Light Bar ( 2 Pack ) from Vivid Light bars is shorter than other light bars, but it is delicate and bright as them.  When you get this Dual Color Strobe 7.5 Inch Led Light Bar ( 2 Pack ), you can DIY install it, cause it is small and won't take up much of your truck. 

The Dual Color Strobe 7.5 Inch Led Light Bar ( 2 Pack ) can flash two colors (such as white and amber) and can also stay steady two colors (white or amber). They can be used as spotlight when they are fixed white color. They can also be used as emergency light when they strobe. The strobe patterns are as many as 40 modes, containing synchronous and alternate strobe.

About 16.4 feet (5-meters) extension cables

Dual Color Strobe 7.5 Inch Led Light Bar ( 2 Pack ) control by the wireless remote controller does not have an extension cord. If you choose the 16.4 feet extension cables for your wireless remote controller, we will return the money of the extension cord to you .Thank you !

About Brake/Turn Signal Line

This Brake/Turn Signal Line has 3 wires, which will have different flash effects when touch with positive wire.
Black Line for Right Turn;
Yellow Line for Left Turn;
Red Line for Brake.

Beam options:
Flood beam is a wide and short light which can help you see the road clearly on the darkness;
Spot beam is a long and straight range light which can help you see the distant region.

More details about product as follows:
 1) Product Code: CY-B36EC
 2) Dual Color Strobe 7.5 Inch Led Light Bar ( 2 Pack )---dual row
 3)Dimensions: height 3.15'' x depth 3.54''
 4)Dimensions: 7.5 inch
 5) LED Power: 36W
 6) Waterproof Rate: IP 68
 7) Color Temperature: 6000K
 8) Lamp Luminous Flux: 2700lm
 9) Warranty: 2 Years


Order Details:  

  • 1x Dual Color Strobe 7.5 Inch Led Light Bar ( 2 Pack )
  • 1x Universal Mount
  • 1x Wireless Remote Controller or 1x Pre-wired Controller


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  • Good day, if I purchase one pair of these 7.5” alternate flash light bars in a white/Amber combo, can I have one bar flashing on Amber while the other flashes on white? Or both light bars flash on the same color simultaneously?

    Our lights bar usually flash same color white or amber simultaneously , but if you want one light barflash amber, the other light flash white, we 
    can custom make it, please place a note under order when you placed an order.

  • what is the width?

    Its lenth is exact 7.5"  ,   width is exact 3" ,  height is exact 3.54"

  • Do you make these with a single post mount? I have a light bar with 8" daylighters on it now and would like to replace them with these but that light bar only has a single post option. Also, do these come in flood or spot?

    Thank you for your question. This light bar will come with universal mounting brackets for each light bar, you can check them on our website, and you can choose flood or spot one.

  • If I select Amber/White is there a function where i can have both on a "steady" white work light but change to a flashing Amber if need be?

    Thank you for your question, but sorry, I am not really understand what you meant about "is there a function where i can have both on a "steady" white work light but change to a flashing Amber if need be", could you explain it clearly?

  • Do the lights have a built in flash module or is that sold separately, and are both lights on the same wiring harness?

    Yes,they do. They have got flash module.         They connect with the same wiring harness

  • If I put two of these 7 1/2 inches lights in my grill do I need the wireless remote for both or would it be better to have the switch controller

    Thanks for your question!They both have own style,and you can choose any one of them.  But I like switch controller better

  • Can 2 light bars be controlled from 1 remote?

    Sorry, two light bar can't be controlled by one remote, they just can synchronize randomly 

  • Can the bar be set to turn onto a certain flash pattern or do you have to cycle it via the button every time you turn it on?

    ok, our color changing light bar has memory function, it will stay the last pattern when you turn it off.

  • Is the red/blue also white? So does it start out white then strobe to red and blue?

    Hi, thanks for your inquiry , if you order red/blue , it doesnt have white yet, we will develop three colors light bar soon .

  • Will 2" gun smoke light bar tint fit these light bars to convert them similar to a black series? Or are they slightly bigger?

    Hello, this is 7.5", if counting universal mounting brackets, the total length will be 9.86".

  • I'm a full time firefighter as well as a truck driver if I order blue/white (7.5" bars). Can I run both on white going down the road then switch to the blue/white strobes when I'm responding to a call?

    Hello, yes, if you choose WHITE/BLUE, there will be solid white color, solid blue color, strobe white color as well as strobe blue color. [For the remote controller, Button A is Turn On/Off, Button B/C is different strobe patterns, Button D is solid pattern.]