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    • Is it for only 12 volts?

      Thanks for your inquiry, All our light bars can work for 12v to 24 volts.

    • My lightbar turns on flashes once and turns off? Any idea what the problem is

      Thank you for your question, pls contact our after sales department amy@vividlightbars.com, she will help you to solve your problem.

    • I have my light bar it turns on flashes once and turns off

      Thank you for your question, if you have any problem with using the light bar, pls contact our after sales department amy@vividlightbars.com

    • If I put two of these 7 1/2 inches lights in my grill do I need the wireless remote for both or would it be better to have the switch controller

      Thanks for your question!They both have own style,and you can choose any one of them.  But I like switch controller better

    • Can 2 light bars be controlled from 1 remote?

      Sorry, two light bar can't be controlled by one remote, they just can synchronize randomly 

    • Can the bar be set to turn onto a certain flash pattern or do you have to cycle it via the button every time you turn it on?

      ok, our color changing light bar has memory function, it will stay the last pattern when you turn it off.

    • Is the red/blue also white? So does it start out white then strobe to red and blue?

      Hi, thanks for your inquiry , if you order red/blue , it doesnt have white yet, we will develop three colors light bar soon .

    • Does the light bar white/amber have the strobe setting? Or just a flash setting??

      ok, thanks for your inquiry , it has strobe setting , also have steady color setting . 

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