Ford bronco logo light 2020+ front led ford bronco emblem light

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Robert Goodman
Have not received package

I have not received the package 📦 any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

This product is specially designed for car modification enthusiasts, daytime car lights do not shine, and the original car standard no difference, when the night license plate lights open after the LED lights are also lit, so that the car marked the night becomes dazzling, very rich sense of the future of science and technology, highlight your car's noble descent. 

Installation instructions:

1, Remove the old logo,

2, And then install the new logo light with 3M glue and clips, press it tightly, Align the buckle and push it in, press it tightly,

3, Connect the wires, the red wire is connected to the daytime running lights, and the black wire is connected to any iron.


Applicable vehicle type:

2020+ Ford Bronco

Plating and Imported Led Beads +ABS Plastic

Color  :  White & RGB

Housing color : Silver & Black

Installation instruction :

The first step:  put the letters through the middle net and separate the four color lines

The second step:  take out the waterproof silicone sleeve behind the plug,

The third step:  insert the same color wire into the waterproof silicone pad

The fourth step:  insert all the wires into the plug and reset the silicone pad

The fifth step:  insert the plugs corresponding to the colors




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  • What does RGB mean in the color option?

    the RGB means you can chany any color of light, such as red, green, blue