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    • Is this the same size as a 88-98 bow tie?

      no, the dimension of chevy emblem is 9"x3.5"

    • Can you set it to stay one Color?

      Thank you for your question, yes, you can.

    • Do I have to drill a hole in my car

      Thanks for your question! No,you dont have to,and you just stick it to the logo.Its back is sticky.

    • How do u give it power

      Thanks for your question!You can wire it to your vehicle power batter

    • how would i go about installing this in my 05 silverado

      Thanks for your question!It's very easy to install,and you just stick it to the logo.

    • Does this also have just solid colors

      Thanks for your question!not only it can flow ,but also stay any color, as it has color wheel

    • Will it fit a 2017

      hi, yes , it fits for any year/mode chevy vehicle, as they are custom lights

    • What app is needed for this?

      Thanks for your question.The APP is called MagicLED.

    • Will it fit a 2009

      hi, yes, it is custom chevy logo, fits for any year any model chevy

    • Will this fit a 2003 chevy s10?

      yes, it fit for any mode chevy , it is custom build

    • Whould this fit 99-02 Silverados

      Hi. It fits any year chevy silverado .

    • Will it fit a 07 Tahoe

      hi, it is universal chevy emblem , it can fit for any vehicle .

    • Does the lights turn on automatically with the car or do I need to turn the lights on with the app each time I start the car? Thanks

      hi, the lights can just be turned on by app on your phone .

    • Will this go around my 2001 Chevy blazer badge that’s what I want it to do

      the chevy logo fit any chevy vehicle , just connect it to your vehicle power

    • Is there anything that protects the leds on it?

      Hi, yes, it has hard waterproof glue cover the light

    • Can you keep it on solid white

      Yes, it can be on solid white.

    • Will it fit on a 98 Chevy S10 blazer bowtie?

      hi, yes, it is custom chevy logo, fits for any year any model chevy, and the dimension is 9"x3.4",

      you could also measure your vehicle to check whether it fits or not.

    • Do I need to buy any extension wires or does this come with quite a bit of wire?

      Thanks for your inquiry , our wire is 2.5 meters , if you think it is not long enough, you can order exter 5 meters extension wire, Any question, please feel free to contact us .

    • Is it waterproof? Can I take it thru the car wash and it still work?

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. our lights are waterproof, but in order to prolong the life of the lights, we suggest not to stay in water for a long time. Please note that Bluetooth control box is not waterproof, so please keep them away from water.

    • Will this work on my 2018 Silverado

      Hello, this chevy bowtie LOGO fits all the chevy vehicle. If you are not sure, please check the dimension 9"x3.4" with your truck.

    • Will it fit a 77 Scottsdale?

      Hello, it's for Chevy, you could also check the dimension 9"x3.4" if you are not sure.

    • Will is fit my 2007 Chevy colbalt?

      Hello, it fits all the Chevrolet and its dimension is 9"x3.5".

    • Does the ignition need to be on for logo to light up? Can it be activated via headlight switch?

      Hello, this RGBW chasing chevy emblem is controlled by Bluetooth APP; all you need to do is connect it with the Bluetooth controller as well as the power source; Besides, if your headlight share the same power source, they will be activated at the same time.

    • Do you have to open the app everytime you want the light on or does it have a memory function.

      Hello, you will need to open the APP and connect Bluetooth so that you could run the lights and the APP will memorize the last color or chasing mode you used.

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