Bluetooth Remote 41.5" LED Light Bar RGBW Halo

41.5 inch LED Light Bar RGBW Halo is pretty popular from Chinyun Lighting,have 20 color pattern, strobe red, blue, white and green ,maintain constant color when you drive on road for light up darkness,strobe color you prefer .it's unconstrained.and define which color you envision by yourself,vivid color are attract to many people around the world.

Cheap Halo Light  work with Bluetooth Remote,just download the app,also easy and convenient to control by your phone ,it have optional beam of spot ,flood ,and combo,the spot beam light is long and straight  for distant road,the flood beam have a broad lighting when you drive to get out of darkness,Truck led light bar have waterproof function that waterproof is up to IP 68 and color temperature is 6000k, it also are great for adding professional technology to design. Whether it’s a car, truck, boat, or off-road vehicle, these lights create a wide field of bright illumination


Product Overview:

1)Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
2)Model Number: CY-B240CHF
3)Dimensions: 41.5 inch
4)Led Power: 240 W
5)Body Color: Black
6)Optional Beam: Combo
7)Waterproof Rate: IP 68
8)Color Temperature: 6000K
9)Lamp Luminous Flux: 18000lm
10)Emitting color: Sold Million colors,20 Strobe Patterns
11)Remote Controller: Bluetooth Remote,Sync With Any Our Halo Headlight

Order Details: *LED Light Bar And RGBW Halo,Bluetooth Remote,Single Wire Harness,Universal Mount

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  • The black and red wires coming out of the Bluetooth box, where do they go or connect

    Thanks for your question.Pls connect the positive and negative power supply.

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