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    • Can I purchase just the whip module

      Hello, sure, here is the order link: https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/accessories/products/chasing-bluetooth-remote-controller-fits-for-chasing-whip-lights

    • Does this come with complete wiring kit and instructions

      Hi, thanks for your inquiry. Yes, it will comes with the bluetooth controller, and it is really easy to install, you just need to put the whip in a hole and then tighten the screw, that is OK.

    • Are these whips compatible with a uhf??

      Hello, these whips could not work as antenna, so I'm afraid they aren't compatible with a uhf.

    • Do these work on boats?

      Hello, these can work on boats, but all the Bluetooth boxes and remote controllers are not waterproof, so please keep them away from water.

    • Can I select one solid color with no movement

      Hello, yes, you could use the Bluetooth APP to control the light fixed in one solid color.

    • How do you install it

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry.  It comes with mounting brackets and easy to install.

    • Do the 5 ft. whips come with quick disconnects for easy plugin & unplug for storage?

      Hello, thank you for inquiry. The base of our whips flag lights is detachable, not permanently afixed. Easy to plugin & unplug for storage.

    • Is the controller waterproof?

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. Sorry, our Bluetooth controller isn't waterproof, please keep it away from water.

    • How long before we will see these spiral type in 5ft length?

      Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. It will be available in about 2 weeks, because we need a test.

    • Is the selection for only one come with 2 whips?

      Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. If you select only one just come with only one whips, not two. Please choose 2 PACK come with 2 whips.

    • Does this have a warranty?

      Hi, thanks for your inquiry. All of our led lights come with 1 year warranty.

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