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    • What app do you use

      Thx for your question !   The app called "Magic Light"

    • How do you wire them up to the Bluetooth controller ?

      Thank you for your question. You need to plug the color wires into the color spots on the Bluetooth controller, then the another side is for the postive and nagetive wire. If you want to learn more about the details, pls contact

    • How do I connect all of the light to change colors at the same time

      Thank you for your question. You can connect all the lights to one Bluetooth box then you can change colors at the same time, or if you connect the lights to two Bluetooth boxes, you can add the two devices into a team then you can control the lights at the same time as well.

    • Can this be used with RGB pods that have red, yellow, and white wires instead of the typical red green blue wires, and if so what is the proper way to wire them

      Sorry, the Blurtooth remote controller for led halo lights just can be used with any halos,such as light bar halo,pods halo,but can't be used for pods.

    • will this work for any brand of light bar?

      Yes, it works for any brand Bluetooth app remote halo light bar with 4 wires, not for other RF remote halo light bar

    • Can this be used to control the RGB halos on multiple lightbars/pods/halos at the same time or would you need a different controller for each one? Also, does it only work with your brand of lights?

      No, you can use one for all halo, light bar halo, pods halo, it also work for different brand halo

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