STRONG MAGNETIC LED Running Board Light Stick for Car, Trucks, Emergency Vehicles (2 packs)

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        Introducing our versatile and high-performing LED Running Board Light stick that is perfect for your car, truck, or emergency vehicle. This mini dual color magnetic LED light bar features a strong magnetic base on the back coupled with a mount bracket, making it super-easy to install. With 25 modes to choose from, you can customize the light stick to suit the occasion or the outfit of the day.

        Our Running Board Light is beautifully designed with a robust and durable Aluminium Alloy Housing that radiates elegance and fashion-forward simplicity. The best part is, our Running Board Light stick comes in various sizes to suit your car or truck running board. The 47" and 59" running board lights are a complete light bar , while sizes 72.5", 83.5", and 94.5" are divided into two parts connected by a wire. Don't worry; our product photo details will guide you through the installation process.

         Make a statement on the road with our LED Running Board Light stick. Your car or truck will attract attention for all the right reasons, and you'll have a fantastic time cruising with your new running board light. Don't hesitate; order our Running Board Light now and experience the convenience and style that it brings to your vehicle.


*Color Selection

Here are 5 options of color, white, amber, red, blue and green, one circuit board one color. Running Board Light is composed of circuit boards, each circuit boards is 18W high intensity LEDS. For eample: 49" 144W is made of 8 circuit boards, 61.5" 180W is made of 10 circuit boards, you can choose several colors. 


*About Color 【Alternate color A-B】: if you choose "Alternate white-amber", it will be "white-amber-white-amber-white-amber-white-amber" (when you choose 47" 24W).

*About Color 【Half color A-color B】:If you choose ''Half white-Amber'', it means the color of the entire light bar is half white half amber.


Order Included :  

  • 2 * Single Row Light Beads LED Underglow light bars with Rocker Switch
  • 1 set complete wire
  • 1 set complete mount bracket , screw.

Specifications :

  • Powered by 12V/24V
  • Dimension:  47" (L)* 0.59'' (W)* 0.51'' (H)
  • LED Power: 18W=36 Pcs * 0.5W each circuit board 
  • Wiring Harness Length:  9.84 (ft)
  • Body Color: Sliver
  • Operating Voltage: 12V/24V DC
  • Waterproof Rate: IP 68
  • Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Lens Material: PC
  • Mounting Bracket: Magnet Mounts
  • Beam: Spot Beam (45 degree)
  • Material: Diecast Aluminum Housing 
  • 30000 Hours Above Life Time
  • 2 years warranty
  • Controller type: rocker switch 

Custom wire diagram as the following :


Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Codey ott (Brooklyn, US)
They are a great light

They are a great light I recommend screening them to the vehicle the megnits are not strong

Bryan F.

looks amazing on the traffic service truck we have since amber and blues are used now on tow trucks and support vehices

Michael B.

Great lights, very bright easy to install, very happy with my purchase

Justin B.

Super bright and is very durable. Great product from a great company... will be ordering from them again soon. Thanks vivid for a great product!!!!!

Robert C.

I used them as running board emergency lights. I had to paint the housing black, but it's great

Patriot Towing

Wish they would have the wired version instead of the battery remote.
But I like them!

Ashton Brinson (Greenville, US)
Not so simple!

The lights a very bright and work well however, I had to spend a good while trying to figure out how to connect them to my existing module. I haven’t had this problem with any of my other lights. They do not come with directions and I don’t have an advanced know how of what all the wires do without directions. Other than that they work so far if something goes wrong I will update!

R.N. CRAFT INC. (Scarborough, US)

these suck ass

please contact us if your light has any problem in quality . we provide 2 years warranty

Michael Estes (Trenton, US)
Light Stick

Its a bright light but there was no manual or wiring instructions.

Benjamin Fuller (Charlotte, US)
Nice but

About to send me 2 inch to go on my running boards had them for 2 1/2 months maybe three now they’re quit working


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  • How many watts are each LED diodes.

    it is 0.5W each led diodes, each circuit board is 18W

  • Are you able to extend the Box from the lightbar another 10" -12" inch. Reason there's no room to mount the Box anywhere because of the shortness between Box and Lightbar.

    yes, we can do it , if you have special requestion , you can leave a note when you placed an order .

  • When both lights are plugged in together they barely work but they work fine individually... Mine has small red, black, and yellow wires. What color is for what function on the small wires?

    Hi, thanks for your inquiry. You need to press the circular button until all the lights are off, then press the button again and it will work normally.

  • Hi, can these be used on UK HGV's, would be a great addition. Thanks

    Hi,thanks for your question, this product is universal and works on any car model.

  • Are these SAE certified

    sorry , they are not

  • I ordered for an existing toggle switch, it cannot get the lights to come on. Had a bigger red and red/black wire that assuming goes to the power source. Then smaller red, black, and green wire. Can you explain how to wire into a toggle switch with this setup

    hi, the red/black wires goes to power source, the other 3 smaller wires goes to your existing toggle switch . the 3 wires are for patterns function

  • I purchased these lights with just the wire pigtails because I want to wire them into my existing controller. I can't figure out how to wire the 4 controller wires, do you have a diagram?

    you can connect the 4 wires to your switch control panel , one wire for turn on/off, other 3 wires for solid or flash patterns,

  • How water/weather proof are these for upper Midwest weather conditions and warranty conditions

    hi, yes, our running board are 100% waterproof. can work in the bad weather conditions, we provide 2 year warranty

  • As these are designed are they capable of of TA (Traffic Advisor) operations?

    Hi, yes, you can custom the color and the mode you want. Just leave a note when placing order.

  • Want to purchase the 59” running board lights in red and white can they be tied into the existing switch that I have controlling my grill lights now

    Hi, yes it can be connected to your own controller. Is the controller a toggle switch or button switch? You need to send us the picture of the controller and its connector, so that we can better confirm.

  • Is there a switch to turn the lights on & off? Can they be installed to retractable assist steps?

    Hi, yes, it has a rocker switch to control. You can install it in any suitable place. 
    It can be installed with magnetic and also brackets which is included in the order.


    Hi, thank you for your inquiry. It can't do that for now.

  • Are the white/red in stock and where do they ship from

    Hi, thank you for your inquiry. Yes, we have white/red in stock. All products are shipped from China.

  • Is there an option for a wireless remote available?

    Hi, sorry about that. There is no wireless option for running board light.

  • Do they have the option to be steady on white or in amber mode

    Hi, thank you for your question. Yes, it can be steady on white or amber. But if it is steady on white, the amber blocks will be dark. Just leave a note when placing order.

  • Can I hard wire these lights with out the toggle switch?

    Hi, thank you for your question. Yes, you can hard wire these lights with out the toggle switch. You need to purchase a pre-wired one, just leave a note when placing the order.

  • Do the lights have a memory feature? If I select alternating flash and turn them off will they remember the previous flash pattern I used, alternating flash pattern?

    Hi, the running board light has just one pattern. If you select alternating flash, it will always be the alternating flash pattern.

  • Can these be run by an external flasher? I have a whelen cantrol. So the whole truck syncs?

    Hello, yes it can run by an external flasher, but you need a custom line.
    Could you please tell us is it a toggle switch or a push button switch?
    Looking forward to your reply.

  • Can you get these lights in alternating amber/blue?

    Yes, you can. You can leave a note to tell us the color you want, then we will arrange the production for you.

  • How do you change the flash pattern?

    Hello, we offer wireharness and rocker switch, the flash patterns can be changed through the rocker switch, plug & play.

  • Looking for custom strobes. Looking for pink and white alternating strobe bar. Is this possible?

    Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. You could leave your special needs when you place the order.

  • Does the rocker switch option come with a wireless remote? I saw some comments about a remote and wasn’t sure. So like can you connect it to the power source then control it with a remote?

    Hello, the rocker switch option doesn't come with a wireless remote, We upgraded the remote to rocker switch, which is Plug & play.

  • With the rocker switch option, will the flask pattern be alternating? Like in the video of the white pickup truck side view? Hope my question makes sense

    Hello, yeah, here is a video showing how the rocker switch works:

  • How exactly is the rocker switch option wired? Does it come with the push button/toggle switch shown or not?

    Hello, it's easy to wire it, just connecting to positive and negative poles of 12V power directly, plug & play. It doesn't come with the push button/toggle switch.

  • How can I find the pattern to allow the bar to cycle through all the patterns on its own

    Hello, we've confirmed with engineers about this question. You could note "add a pattern that cycles through all patterns on it own" when you order.

  • Do they have steady white for scene mode

    Hello, this kind of light bars consist of single color chips. If you choose the color option "Alternating amber white", they can show interval steady white pattern but not all steady white.

  • do you guys make running board lights that are amber and then white and also have the strobe feacher

    Hello, sorry for your inconvenience, this kind of light bars just consist of single color chips so that it cannot shine all amber and then all white but just can alternating white & amber.

  • If i order a red and white , can I get them to alternate? But have a wire the makes just the white go solid for when I arrive on scene?

    Hello, if you choose a red and white Magnetic light bar, you can get them to alternate but not solid white, because the chips are single color. Would you mind considering our single row dual color light bar? It could be alternating red and white and also solid white, order link:

  • Is there a flahs pattern where it will switch through all patterns on its own?

    Hello, yes, there is an automatic flash pattern that it will switch through all patterns on its own.

  • Do you offer a bolt on option in place of magnets?

    Hello, yes, we can offer a bolt on option if your vehicle isn't suitable for magnets. You could see that there're screw holes and bolts in our pictures. Please note your need when you order.

  • Can I put 12 inch in my grill and 59 inch under my doors and 12 inch under my flat bed?

    Hello, yes, you can, and they can be controlled by one switch. I recommend you our new custom wires and a new switch panel. 
    New Switch Panel link: .

  • Can this be wired to a police cruiser lightbar control panel to activate with other lights?

    Hello, yes, this can be wired to a police cruiser lightbar control panel. Please write down the custom control wire you need clearly before you order.
    About Custom Control Wire
    New custom Wire: it will come with 4 wires [ White wire for turn on/off, Yellow wire for sync strobe/flash patterns, Red wire for alternate strobe patterns, Black wire for solid pattern], touch the positive to show.

  • Can you have one color on a steady burn and or switch colors so that either or is steady burn ?

    Hello, thanks for your inquiry. If you select alternate white/amber color,  choose rocker switch controller, the magnetic light bar can stay alternate white/amber. If you choose new custom wire controller,  it will stay white or amber, or alternate white amber.

  • Are these flexible at all? Where I'd like to mount these have a slight curve to it...

    Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. This light is not flexible at present because of material problems. If a better material is found, it should solve this problem, and we will inform you at that time.

  • Do I need the custom wire for strobe affect? Dose the wireless remote have strobe feature on it without custom wire?

    Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. our remote control has strobe function,[Button A is Turn On/Off, Button B is sync strobe/flash patterns, Button C is alternate strobe patterns, Button D is solid pattern.]

  • I would like to purchuse these for under the doors on a new ford f350. However it is an Aluminum truck. is there any other way of mounting?

    Hi, Sorry, this lights currently has no other mounting brackets, only magnet attachment.

  • Can the version with the wireless remote control come with longer wire between the light bar and control box? To allow better hiding of control box

    Hi, Please note the length you need when buying, we can help you lengthen the wiring harness.

  • If you purchase 2 sets of the 59" can 1 remote control operate all 4??

    Hi, Yes, please note when placing your order that you only need 1 controller to control all lights, we will arrange a synchronous controller for you.

  • Can extra magnets be bought or added ?

    Hi, yes, just leave a notes when you place the order.

  • Can you have 3 colors that Steve and then switch to two?

    Hello, This is a single-color light. Different sizes are spliced from different sections, so you can have different colors for each section. For example, the 18'' 9W is composed of 3 sections, and the color can be red-white-blue.

  • Are the magnets strong?? And can these be used on semi trucks as underglow

    Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. Yes it is strong enough and these be used on semi trucks as underglow.

  • Can it come with out the magnet mounts and have bolt on instead

    Hi, thanks for your inquiry. Sorry, we only have magnet mounts and no bolt now.

  • Trying to find a 24” red an blue stickey strip light w flash patterners.

    hi, we just sell 47inch and 59inch now , don't sell 24inch .

  • What wire does what ? I know red goes to positive and black goes to negative what are the 3 other wires do??? Help me out please

    please check this diagram

  • Does the 47' have different patterns

    yes, 47inch has 26 patterns.

  • Got a question for you, are these lights bright enough to be seen on the highway in the middle of a really sunny day?? I haul a lot of oversized loads and need to be seen!! Thanks

    yes, please check this video link from customer, he light up the light on daytime

  • Does it have pattern selection memory or do i have to go through all the patterns every time it’s turned on?

    yes, all our light have memory function ,when you turn it on ,  it will always keep the last pattern when you turn in off,

  • I’m trying to get these lights wired into an existing control panel I have but only work when the rocker switch you sent is plugged in and on. Even tried hard wiring everything and still doesn’t work. How can I get these to work with my exiting set up and control panel.?

    hi, what is your order number ? could you send me a video to check ?

  • On your running board stick light. Can the stick be a constant amber color like a running light but then be switched to amber white alternating for emergency scene?

    yes, you can . it has as many as 20 patterns like solid white ,solid white, solid alternate white amber , flash amber or flash white , you ca choose any pattern you want via the rocker switch's button.

  • Do you have an install video of the wiring?

    hi, please check this product photo, all red wire goes to positive power supply , black wires go to negative power supply ,

  • Can I wire these to my up fitter box in my f250? I have a 25amp relay to use.

    yes,  our running board light maximum current is 4A, This lights fit your f250

  • Two questions. Can these be wired into the existing siren/light controller already in the vehicle. Also do these have the ability to do a steady white burn if we go with the red/white combo? Thanks

    Hi. yes, our custom wire version can be wired into the customer's existing light controller, you have to know which kind of controller between toogle switch and button switch . these light can strobe , can also stay solid white