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    • Hello, I'm wondering if you have this available where you can switch between amber/white for the main light Would like to get one of these with the RGBW chasing led halo. Thank you!

      Yes, we have. You can choose center main led white amber, choose add rgb halo, order link https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/frontpage/products/3-2-dual-color-strobe-led-pods

    • Are the ones in the video spot or flood?

      Hello, there are both spot and flood led pods in most of our videos, spot beam is longer and more concentrated while flood beam is wider and shorter.

    • Does it come with mounts?

      Yes, we offer univesal mounting brackets for all our lights

    • With the color options, do they only light up the color or white also?

      hi, thank you for your inquiry. it just can light up only one color that you can choose from color options. but, the color of the halo is RGBW.

    • Do these strobe also

      yes, it can strobe.

    • Is it standard with white led and you can only choose the 3w*4 color led's WHEN you order

      Hi, white LED is standard 5W*4, if you want other colors like amber, red, blue or green, then it is 3W*4. All of these LED chips are cree.

    • Are these available in a flush mount option or can they be custom ordered? Thank you!

      Hi. yes, you can order led flush mount , when you add them into shopping cart, pls leave a note. we will send you led flush mount pods

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