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    • What is the exact width dimension of the 37" Ultra Slim Light bar? (Measuring from mounting hole to mounting hole, excluding the mounting brackets)

      Hi, the size is length 37" x height 1.3'' x depth 2''.

    • So I have a spot under my grill that is 37” exactly. Is the light bar 37” total or just from one end of the lights to the other side of the lights?

      Hi, thank you for the question. It is 37” from one end of the lights to the other side of the lights.

    • So what is the total lumens for this and what is the dimensions for the height

      Hello, the lumens of 1W of this light bar is 140 lumens. For example, the 31'' 90W lumens is 12600 LM. As for the height, it's 3cm.

    • Can I get it the 43"single row Ultrathin and Ultralight light bar with a black reflector?

      Hello, sorry for your inconvenience, this kind of light bar could not add a black reflector. There is another 43" Single Row Cree Led Light Bar and it can add a black reflector. Would you like to consider it, order link: https://www.vividlightbars.com/collections/k-series-single-row-slim/products/43-slim-off-road-led-light-bar

    • What’s the Lumen output?

      Hello, thanks for your inquiry. This lights 1W lumens value is 140 lumens.For example, the 31'' 90W lumens is 12600 LM.

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