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    • What is the IP rating?


    • where can you order extensions for the rock lights

      Thank you for your question, but i am sorry about that this 8 pack rock lights don't come with the extensions, the 12 pack and 16 pack will come with, and the wiring harness of these rock lights are 5 meters long, it is enough for you to install them.

    • Does this come with pure white? What about other colors?

      Thank you for your question. This rock lights will come with pure white, and other colors, such as red, green, blue, yellow and so on.

    • Do these come with a switch or will one need to be purchased separately

      Hi,thanks for your inquiry, They do not have a switch nor need to buy a separate switch, they are controlled by the Bluetooth app,You just need to download an app on your phone to control it.

    • Is the control unit waterproof? I’m looking at installing it on my side by side.

      Hello, this product is controlled by Bluetooth App Remote. You only need to download th APP on your phone to control.

    • Is this compatible with the morimoto xbt?

      hi, thank you for your inquiry. Yes, the 8 pack rock lights is compatible with the morimoto xbt.

    • Is there a big combo package that has the whole works?

      Yes, we can also make 16 pack rgbw rock lights, you can use one app to control all 16 lights. order link

    • What’s the name off the app lost the paper

      The APP is called "Magic Light"

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