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    • Will this light bar and mount kit fit on a 2013 Jeep Wrangler ?

      Thanks for your question! Yes,this light fits on a 2013 Jeep Wrangler

    • Can you send me a video of the red/white with all the flash patterns

      Here is the video of 54'' Color Changing Light Bar :, the flash patterns of this light bar is the same with the 52'' Color Changing Light Bar,just the length is different. And pls tell us your email address, we will send you a video of 52'' Color Changing Light Bar for you later by .

    • Can u send me a video of the white green combo and stove modes

      hi. what is your email . i will do

    • How donyou have color changing with out a bunvh of light bulb.

      you can use remote to change the color changing modes

    • How many different patterns are there and can you describe them direct me to a video that shows all patterns? I have seen a video on face book where it had and alternating strobe patteren dovied up into 5 sections on the lightbar but have not seen it in these videos

      Hi, it have two solid colors modes and 9 strobe patterns, i will send you a video that show all modes on light bar

    • With this light bar are there multiple solid color modes

      hi. if you choose two colors , it has two solid single color , if you choose rbwa, it just have only one white solid color , and mix color on whole light bar .

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