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    • Is that the whole headlight assembly or just the little led strips?

      they are just led halo , not including headlight assembly .

    • Do you guys install halo assembly’s?

      Thank you for your question. But i am sorry that we don't install halo assembly's.

    • Do you have to disassemble the headlight assembly to install the halos inside of the light assembly?

      Thanks for your question. You just need to open the covers of the headlights and paste the halos on it.

    • How do you paste the halos into the headlight? Is it hard to take apart? Also if you buy a big order do you save any money?

      Hello, It's easy to take apart, take the headlight out and paste the halo on the headlight with adhesive. If you still are not sure how to do, we suggest you to find professional service for help. Besides, there will be promotions for you to save money.

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